Possession v14 Released!

Possession v14 is released! (Full versions, anyway; and demo versions still pending)

This is mostly a bug fix release.


  • Fixed mausoleum and graveyard having their IDs stored as "true" in the game stats
  • Fixed crash on the stat screen from trying to load information on the nonexistent level "true" that resulted from this
  • Fixed crash on stat screen when trying to view stats on a creature that doesn't exist (due to mods not being loaded, usually)
  • Fixed crash on stats screen resulting from 0-turn wins (shouldn't have actually been a problem for anyone since that'd normally be impossible, but it came up during testing so I fixed it)
  • The final level should now show up on the stats screen properly. Unfortunately, wins weren't being counted as "beating" the final level, so the win % for the final level will be wrong. They're being counted going forward, though

Content Changes:

  • Electric arrows' damage to adjacent creatures now behaves properly -- it no longer deals "spread" damage to the original target
  • If you're possessing a cultist-type enemy, you will no longer join a cult leader's cult when you see them (this didn't really DO anything when it happened, but it looked kinda silly)


Possession v14 Windows.zip 74 MB
Jun 20, 2020
Possession v14 Linux.zip 74 MB
Jun 20, 2020

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