Possession v17 Released! (Text Resizing)

V17 has been released. Demos probably won't be updated just for this. Basically the only changes are new settings for resizing the text.

UI Changes:

  • New font size and tooltip font size settings.
  • New setting to make the buttons on the sidebar bigger (independent of font size)
  • Game cheats screen now resizes if the UI scale setting is changed.
  • Added a menu button to the main game screen that can be clicked to pull up the "pause" menu.
  • The health bar is now drawn in color, fading from green to red depending on how hurt you are.
  • The "close" button icon is now a "back" button since that's always how I thought about it anyway, which is why it's in the top left. Hopefully this change will stop its location being a thing people get weird about.

Note: There's no limit on how big/small you can resize the text, so it's possible to make things overflow if you make the text very large, or have huge UI scaling or a tiny window, or something.

I've tested it out and it works fine for what I consider several reasonable sizes, but it's possible I overlooked something or forgot to update an obscure screen to work with different text sizes.

Please report any wonkiness (aside from setting it to extreme values as mentioned above) as a bug.


Possession v17 Linux.zip 74 MB
Apr 17, 2021
Possession v17 Windows.zip 74 MB
Apr 17, 2021
Possession v17 Mac.zip 77 MB
Apr 19, 2021

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Mac version is now uploaded.