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A turn-based traditional roguelike where you play as a ghost who can possess other creatures in the dungeon. · By Weirdfellows


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Possession v13 (The Mausoleum Update) Released!
Biggest change this version is the introduction of the Mausoleum as a potential first level. It has the same creatures as the Graveyard (because I think they're...
6 files
Possession v12 Released!
Possession v12 is now available for download. New Features: Rather than auto-assigning points to your stats when you kill an enemy, you can now choose which sta...
6 files
Possession v11 Released!
Content Changes: Removed the "Adjusting to New Body" condition Levels are now generated 60 x 60 tiles rather than 75 x 75 tiles. This also decreases the number...
6 files
Version 10 (UI Scaling) Released!
Version 10 of Possession is now available. I'm changing the version numbers to reflect the release number, rather than sticking with semantic versioning (1.X.X)...
6 files
Possession v 1.0.8a Released (Crash fix just for version)
A bug fix has been pushed that fixes a potential crash when receiving an achievement. This would have probably been most noticeable when going to Level 2 for th...
4 files
Possession v 1.0.8 Released!
PossessionVersion 1.0.8 is now available. Interface Changes: - You can use the Enter key on the numpad everywhere you can use the main Enter/Return key - You ca...
6 files
Possession v 1.0.7 (the zoom update) Released!
Interface Changes: You can now zoom in and out. This can be done using the scroll wheel, or by using the - and = keys on top of the keyboard - rebindable from s...
4 files
Version 1.0.6 (the minimap update) Released!
Interface Changes: There's now a minimap! It can be disabled from the settings page. The stairs up are now colored yellow in ASCII mode, and have an up arrow at...
6 files