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A turn-based traditional roguelike where you play as a ghost who can possess other creatures in the dungeon. · By Weirdfellows


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Possession v16 Released! (Bug fixes)
Possession v16 has been released. Fixes: Fixed a crash that could be caused by a Swamp Witch spell UI/UX Improvements: Pressing the "target" button (default x)...
6 files
Possession v15 Released! (Minor bug fixes)
Possession v15 has been released. Fixes: Fixed a crash that could occur when possessing piles of bones in the Mausoleum Adjusted how click-to-move handles previ...
3 files
Update on the Future of Possession
Summary: Due to personal events I've decided to move on to working on new projects, and probably will not be releasing more content for Possession, though I wil...
Possession v14 Released!
Possession v14 is released! (Full versions, anyway; and demo versions still pending) This is mostly a bug fix release. Fixes: Fixed mausoleum and graveyard havi...
2 files
Possession v13 (The Mausoleum Update) Released!
Biggest change this version is the introduction of the Mausoleum as a potential first level. It has the same creatures as the Graveyard (because I think they're...
6 files
Possession v12 Released!
Possession v12 is now available for download. New Features: Rather than auto-assigning points to your stats when you kill an enemy, you can now choose which sta...
6 files
Possession v11 Released!
Content Changes: Removed the "Adjusting to New Body" condition Levels are now generated 60 x 60 tiles rather than 75 x 75 tiles. This also decreases the number...
6 files
Version 10 (UI Scaling) Released!
Version 10 of Possession is now available. I'm changing the version numbers to reflect the release number, rather than sticking with semantic versioning (1.X.X)...
6 files